Friday, December 20, 2013

bringing our son home SOON!

well sweet little wilson is everything i thought he would be, and more! he is happy, such a happy boy. my heart felt peace as soon as i saw him, and any fears i had about his orphanage environment drifted away. i can see a sparkle in his eyes, and happiness in his soul. he is a singer and a dancer! oh how he loves to dance. he is very active and high energy, and will fit right in with our sweet kids at home. he is smart, and very clever. he loves to play games and he learns very quickly.

one thing that took me by surprise... he is tiny! so small. i knew he was thin, but he is really a very small little boy. i certainly have had to do some additional shopping as i was way off on sizes! i look forward to watching our sweet boy grow and blossom before our eyes.

all of our children at home are so excited for their brother to join us. daddy leaves tomorrow to finish everything up and bring him home... they won't be home by christmas, but that's ok. we have many more christmases to come, and we will certainly be celebrating when we are all together once and for all.

there is something special about bringing home your last child... what a sweet homecoming it will be!

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  1. WHOO HOOO!!!!! So excited to see the family ALL together!!